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Premium Quality + Long Life = Low Overall Cost
These are the principals behind Mongoose™ Jetters and the benchmark on which all other jetters are judged. Everyone has a story to tell. At Mongoose, our story is quite simple. Our products are born out of the necessity to deliver a premium quality, work site performance, a long lasting product which in return will prove to be extremely cost effective and profitable for your business. This simple commitment has lead to the fastest selling line of high pressure jetting units for both trailer and truck mounted units. This website allows Mongoose Jetters to display our wide range of high pressure jetting units, both standard production models and units built to meet individual customer specifications.

High Pressure - Low Flow Sewer Jetting
Producing water pressure at 4,000 PSI complemented with low water flow at 18 gallons per minute, Mongoose Jetters utilize 1/2" diameter jetting hose to clean sewer and drain lines from 4 inch diameters and larger. Mongoose Jetters offers great sewer line cleaning versatility, capable of cleaning sewer laterals or mainline sewers between manholes. Increased water pressure at 4,000 PSI translates to increased cutting power to remove stubborn blockages, cut roots and to remove scale or hard grease accumulations. Mongoose Jetters allows sewer and drain cleaners to profitably tackle a wide array of pipeline problems. Mongoose Jetters offers a wide range of nozzles, attachments and accessories designed and tested to extract optimum cleaning performance out of every Mongoose Jetting unit in any job application.

Without a quality build, everything else becomes an empty promise.
Is a manufacturer selling You an idea or image rather than a piece of machinery that's built to last? At Mongoose, we insist customers review our equipment in detail to see the quality of construction in every Mongoose unit. There should be no doubt that a Customer is making the right purchase decision when buying a Mongoose unit. Every Customer question will be answered to in detail or with documentation to their satisfaction either by the Mongoose Sales Staff or a Mongoose Engineer.

A hose reel designed by the people who use them.

When you're trying to get the job done quickly and efficiently, there's no other part of a high pressure jetting unit that's as important as the hose reel assembly. Mongoose hose reels are constructed from 1/4" steel dishes mounted on a 5000 pound rated swivel bearing for stability. Be sure and check out in detail what makes our hose reel the most stable and superior reel compared to everything else available on the market today.

Our design or Your design

Browse this website to see the many different Mongoose standard design units for all types of job applications. If you don't see a Mongoose unit that fully meets Your needs, Mongoose Jetters can custom design and manufacture a unit to meet any specification. All custom built Mongoose Jetters are only built after approval of 3-D CAD drawings by the Customer.

Mongoose Jetters Service after the sale is standard equipment of every unit.

At Mongoose, we understand that our equipment is used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To support our equipment, Mongoose has established an industry first Customer Service 24 Hour Hotline to assist customers with service issues whenever they occur. Customer Service Representatives are available to keep all Mongoose units up and running.

Without a quality build, everything else becomes an empty promise...

Is a manufacturer selling you an idea or image rather than a piece of machinery that's built to last? At Mongoose, we insist that our customers review our equipment in detail to see the quality and design that goes into every machine we produce. We understand that a jetter is an integral part of your business, and that there should be no doubt when making your purchasing decision. At Mongoose, our experienced Sales and Engineering Staff work hard to ensure that we answer every question in detail in order to provide a machine that will work on your specific applications, while helping you grow your business.

About Mongoose Jetters

Mongoose Jetters is a specialized high pressure jetting product line manufactured by Sewer Equipment Company of America. With over 71 years of experience in manufacturing sewer jetters, rodding machines, bucket machines, easement machines, and trailer and truck mounted vacuum units, Sewer Equipment Company of America now has over 6,000 units in operation with municipalities, plumbers, and drain-cleaning contractors around the world. Ram-Vac is Sewer Equipment Company of America's specialized hydro-excavator line, and Sewer Shop is a single website designed to support all of the company's products complete with replacement parts and accessories. Click on any of the panels located to the right to visit all of the company related websites.

2017 WWETT Show At Indianapolis Convention Center
At the biggest industry show of the year, Sewer Equipment Company of America proudly displayed a range select products for conventioneers. This included Sewer Equipment's sewer cleaning units and an easement machine. Ram-Vac Hydro Excavators & Mongoose Jetters (both Sewer Equipment Company of America brands) had units on display. Sewer Shop, another Sewer Equipment brand had a wide selection of nozzles and accessories on display.